Confidentiality policy


To function appropriately and to fulfil our obligations to the LA, DFE and other bodies, the school needs to collect and use information about staff, parents, pupils and other individuals who come into contact with the school. At Langley First we ensure that all personal and confidential information is used appropriately and dealt with in confidence.


To ensure that personal information remains confidential
To ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times
To ensure that the all staff and governors abide by the policy principles

Broad Guidelines

  1. Confidential information will only be disclosed to authorised persons where it is necessary to do so.
  2. Documents and personal information will be kept in locked filing cabinets and will not be accessible to unauthorised persons.
  3. Documents no longer needed will be shredded.
  4. Records of confidential meetings will be kept in locked filing cabinets.
  5. No reference will be made to any non-recorded discussions, except where the information is vital to the Health, Safety and Well-Being of the pupil, parent, member of staff or governor.
  6. Personal information held electronically will be protected by passwords.
  7. Where conversations e.g. telephone calls or between staff are overheard these will not be disclosed to any other person.
  8. Confidential information regarding children or families will not be discussed where they may be overheard by others.
  9. Where confidential material has been seen the contents will not be disclosed.
  10. Child protection issues will be passed on to and discussed with the appropriate child protection personnel only.
  11. Parents and Carers have the right to see any records or data relating to their child.
  12. The minutes or content of meetings held in school should not be disclosed outside the meeting, unless there is agreement to do so.


Langley First School expects all staff and governors to observe these requirements scrupulously, whilst under contract/ term of office and after these cease.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Human Rights Act (October 2000), the Data Protection Act (1998), the Child Protection Policy, the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, The Equal Opportunities and Race Equality Policy, the Inclusion Policy and the Monitoring and Evaluation Policy.