Behaviour overview

At Langley First School we have high expectations for our behaviour. All children and staff are expected to follow the Golden School Rules at all times which have been agreed in consultation with the children and staff. These are;

  • We have good manners
  • We move around the school safely and quietly
  • We show respect for ourselves and each other
  • We care for our school environment
  • We always try our best

To support, enhance and underpin these rules we, as a school, believe that every child needs to have a clear understanding of Responsibility, Resilience and Respect. We call these the 3R’s.


There are many ways we as a school praise and reward those children who follow these rules. We celebrate our achievements in a weekly Golden Assembly on a Friday afternoon.


Each child is a member of a team named after local landmarks (St Mary’s Lighthouse, Tynemouth Priory, The Dome, The Angel of the North & Langley Castle). Children earn team points throughout the week for displaying good behaviour. The team point totals are then shared as part of our Golden Assembly. At the end of each half term the winning team are rewarded with an extra playtime.

Golden Assembly

During our Golden Assembly we present;

Team Point Totals

The Golden Table – for children showing excellent manners at lunchtime.
The Class Cup – for the smartest class walking to the dinner hall.
Class Teacher Certificates – for those children who have worked exceptionally hard in lessons during the week.
Class Medals – to reward children for their behaviour – children who continually follow the Golden Rules have their names put into their classes Gold Box. During assembly, two children are picked at random and they wear the gold medals for the following week.
The Golden Book – for children who members of staff deem to have consistently gone above and beyond the Golden School Rules.


In each classroom there are traffic lights with pictures of each child on.

Expected behaviour

1st Warning

Timeout in parallel year group classroom

Sorry time

(with Headteacher)

At the start of each session (morning and afternoon) every child will have their picture on the green part of the traffic light. In Reception the traffic lights are replaced with a sunshine, grey cloud and black cloud. Should a child continually disrupt the lesson then they will be given a warning and their picture moved in between green and amber. If their behaviour continues their picture will be moved to amber and they will be removed from the class to have timeout in the parallel year group classroom.

If the disruptive behaviour continues when the child is in the opposite classroom or when they return to their own classroom they will be moved onto red and will attend Sorry Time. Sorry Time will be taken at the next appropriate breaktime and will be led by the Headteacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. During this time the child will discuss what has happened and reflect on the behaviour they have shown which resulted in them attending. They will complete a letter of apology (dependent on age etc) and once Sorry Time has finished, deliver this to the person(s) and apologise for their actions. If a child has attended Sorry Time more than 3 times per half term parents will be contacted to meet with the Headteacher and the class teacher to discuss the child’s current behaviour.

As with all behaviour management these systems are in place to give consistency across the school and we aim to focus on the positive and not the negative.