Wrap Around

Our Wrap around facilities

At Langley First School we work very closely with our out of hours provider Schools Out Northern.  Please check out their website for the most uptodate pricing and information - Schools out northern 

Morning sessions

from: 7.30am.
£6.50 first child £6.00 siblings

Evening sessions

from: 3.30pm to 5.45pm
£12.00 first child £11.50 siblings

Telephone 0191 2533452

The club is run on a first come first served basis.

Sessions must be paid in accordance with the registration form. Late payment will incur a £1.00 per day charge to cover administration costs and sustainability. All returned cheques incur a banking charge of £10.00 per cheque. Four weeks notice in writing must be given for permanent cancellation of place at the required cost.

Term Time Cancellations

All sessions during term time will incur a £4.00 cancellation charge. The full cost of a session will be charged under 48 hour’s cancellation. If a child is absent or sent home ill from school then a £3 charge per session will be made. We are registered for Working Tax Credit and accept Childcare Vouchers.

Holiday Club

If a child is booked into the holiday club either for a half-day session or a full day session then all payments must be made at the end of that week. Any cancellation will incur a charge of £10.00.

Full Day

from: 8am to 6pm
£23.00 first child £21.00 siblings

Half Day

from: 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm
£15.00 first child £13.00 siblings

 If days are booked and not cancelled the full amount will be charged as extra staff may have been called in to cover correct child to staff ratio.
Prices reviewed every July

Late Pick Ups

School’s Out club finishes at 5.45pm and all children must be collected before this time. Owing to staff coverage children picked up after this time will incur a £5.00 per child per 15minutes charge to cover staff costs.

Failure to Pick Up

If a child is not collected by 5.50p.m. and no message has come from the parent/carer the contact number on the information consent form will be contacted.