Contribution to the culture, climate and aims of the school

Contribution to the culture, climate and aims of the school

  • It is our firm belief that the substance of our education prepares children well for the challenges they will face in life and at the next stage of their education.
  • Our curriculum is based on one fundamental principle that every child will achieve the highest possible outcomes in their academic and personal development.
  • When planning each topic/area we start by looking at the standard we expect every child to achieve and what deep level learning looks like. Learning experiences are then planned to ensure that every child stands the best possible chance of achieving this.

Promoting equality for all pupils and staff

  • Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of every pupil/all groups of learners in our school.
  • We carefully look at the needs of every child/group and tailor the curriculum to deliver what best meets their needs and how they learn most effectively.
  • Every child’s progress is carefully monitored and tracked and action taken immediately if progress is not as expected.
  • Every child and member of staff fully participates in every area of the curriculum through careful adaptations and modifications where necessary.

Creating a positive climate for learning

  • Our curriculum is inspiring, challenging and exciting for all children.
  • Opportunities for children to be intellectually engaged are carefully planned in to ensure children are motivated to learn and achieve a deeper level of understanding in all subject areas.
  • Many opportunities are provided for parents to become actively engaged in the curriculum establishing a genuine learning partnership between home and school.

Supporting and encouraging staff

  • Staff are fully involved in the design, planning and implementation of our curriculum giving them ownership and opportunities to use their knowledge and skills.
  • Staff report that the curriculum is motivational and that they enjoy creating new and exciting learning experiences for the children.
  • Flexibility of timetables allows teachers to explore subjects in depth allowing the children to steer their learning and develop a deep level of understanding.
  • Teachers are trusted to take risks with their teaching and explore subjects in more detail.