Emotional Health and well being

At Langley First School we recognise that our children need to be physically and mentally fit and healthy and it is one of our core principles to ensure that they have the strategies and resilience to cope with life inside and outside of the school grounds.

“It’s lovely to be a part of a school who not only helps the children grow academically, but also cares so much about their social, emotional development and mental health I feel very happy and supported through both my children’s school experience so far.”

“We’re thankful to all the staff at Langley for their hard work and efforts to ensure our children have a happy and effective learning environment. The pastoral care and genuine concern that the staff have for the children’s well being is paramount in what makes Langley First School such a great place to be for all.”

We are thrilled to achieve the Healthy School quality mark as a  way to assess the provision we currently have in place to support our staff, pupils and the wider community's wellbeing.

As part of this we hope to increase our links and support with the local community around health and wellbeing and be able to offer support and guidance for those that may need it.

From recent discussions with our local medical centre Monkseaton Medical we recognise that there are many pressures on those within our area and offer the links on this page as opportunities for those that need to gain greater understanding and avenues of support.

If you feel there are other areas of support and guidance we could offer as a school please do not hesitate to contact the school office, this can be done through the contact us section of the website.