Eco Schools

We are proud to be an Eco-School

At Langley we work hard to raise awareness of being eco-friendly and the importance of looking after our environment. This is a key theme running through our curriculum.

Every year, children are asked to present a manifesto to become a Langley Eco Warrior. 2 children per class are chosen by the rest of their peers to become Eco-warriors for the year.  The Eco-warriors meet together to discuss ways to encourage our school community to look after the environment.

We are currently working towards updating the Eco-schools Green Flag award.

At Langley, we are the first school in the area to plant hedging around the school grounds to develop biodiversity and help to reduce pollution. Every child in the school planted a hedge and we will enjoy watching them grow.

We have also started a recycling event for pre-loved uniforms for our parents and carers.