Our Governors

Langley First School has a dedicated, committed and effective Governing Body which is vital to ensuring high standards are maintained. The governors meet twice a term in order to support and challenge the school so that improvements are consistently reviewed and evaluated. The governors make visits to the school to observe the activities of the children and to inspect the school building. They are involved in shortlisting and interviewing candidates for staff appointments. To assist the governors in carrying out their duties they attend training sessions organised by the Local Authority.

Mr Chris Coady

Co-opted Governor

(Chair of Governors)

Chris Riding

Parent Governor

Mr Andrew Miekle

Co-opted Governor

I am Andrew Meikle and I joined the governing body as a co-opted governor in June 2017. Having had 2 teachers as parents I am aware of the value governors can add to a school and wanted to support Langley and help where I could. I also live 100 yards away and my daughter will hopefully attend here when old enough so I wanted to make sure the school is a well run one!

My governor responsibility is for Music and Art and Design and I also sit on the staffing and curriculum committee.

I am an HR Manager for a Local Authority and see the good and bad of employment and staffing issues. This experience helps me to support the Head and school to look at ways to continually improve the education we provide to the children - and also make sure we avoid the mistakes I see others make.

Mr Kevin Hood

Parent Governor

I have always had a strong interest in education and a desire to contribute to the wider community, prior to having children I served as a governor at a local High school for 4 years.  During this period the school was awarded Outstanding status by Ofsted for the first time, and I got to see first hand the vital role a strong governing body can play in supporting the school and its leadership team to deliver an enriching education for all pupils. I found the experience of being a governor really rewarding and when I stepped away after my first child was born I hoped I would have the chance to get involved as a parent governor in the future.

I am a practicing chartered accountant and have worked for Procter and Gamble for 20 years in a variety of regional and global finance roles. The financial and management skills I have from my work, combined with my previous experience as a governor will ensure I can make a real contribution to the continued success of Langley First School.

My subject responsibility is Physical Education.

Mrs Rowenna Campbell

Local Authority Governor

My name is Rowenna Campbell and I’ve been a governor since November 2015. Both my children have attended Langley First School in recent years. My main motivation for becoming a governor is to support the school to continue to foster an environment in which each child is valued, enthused to learn and given the opportunity to shine. I work for Newcastle City Council coordinating the city’s response to migration, refugee resettlement and asylum dispersal and know first-hand the vital role that schools play in providing a stable and nurturing base from which children flourish. My subject responsibilities on the Governing Body are PSHE, RSE and RE, Health and Wellbeing, as well as equal opportunities and diversity.

Mrs Lisa Heatherington

Co-opted Governor

(Vice Chair of Governors)


I joined the Governing body at Langley First School (February 2017) as a parent governor and have now become a Co-opted Governor. I am also part of the Curriculum and Staffing committee.

I currently work as a primary school teacher, a job which I love, in a variety of local primary schools.

My motivation as a governor is to ensure that Langley First School provides the best possible education for every child in a safe and supportive environment. We are proud to have such an enthusiastic and talented staff team, who manage and deliver our challenging and inspiring curriculum.

My subject responsibilities on the Governing Body are Literacy and Maths. I am also  responsible for assessment.

Mrs Caroline Crowthers

Staff Governor

Hi, my name is Caroline Crowthers and I have recently been appointed the role of staff governor. I wanted to take a more active role in the running of the school as I have been employed at Langley for over 8 years and fully understand what the ethos is trying to achieve which I want to be a part of. My responsibility will be around school meals to ensure they maintain a healthy and balanced diet for children.

Mr Ryan Anderson

Parent Governor

My name is Ryan Anderson and I am a parent governor, with two children at the school. I am aware of the increasing pressures facing schools and therefore wanted to put myself forward to help and support Langley First School to overcome its challenges, meet its goals and continue to provide a fantastic and nurturing education for our children.

I see this role as a great opportunity to become a ‘critical friend’ of the school, working in a collaborative manner to ensure strategic aims are met.  As a parent, I also want to help foster and maintain the school’s inclusive ethos to create a positive and happy learning environment for every child, whilst also supporting emotional wellbeing.

My area of responsibility on the Governing Body is Early Years.

Mr Andy Pendlebury

Co-opted Governor

Hi, I joined the governing body as a co-opted Governor in November 2017. I have several friends who are in the teaching profession and through discussions with them and a desire to get involved with my local community I put myself forward as a co-opted Governor.

My professional background is in the construction industry - specifically in cost management - and whilst I have in the (distant!) past worked in outdoor education, I currently have limited experience / knowledge of the education system and all that entails. I do however hope that I can bring some of my knowledge and experience to bear and maybe offer a different perspective to help the school achieve for all.

I sit on the finance committee and have responsibilities in relation to asset management / health and safety and also pupil premium. Through my Governor role and other responsibilities, I hope to be able to challenge and support the governing body, head teacher and staff to provide the best environment for children to not only learn but to be happy and fulfilled .

Mrs Lianne Anderton

Parent Governor

I am a mother of two, my eldest is in Year 1 and we are hoping that our 1 year old will follow her brother into Langley. I have lived in Monkseaton for around 10 years, originally from Blackpool, I moved to Newcastle to do my degree at Northumbria University and never went home!

I have worked for the Department of Work and Pensions for almost 20 years, doing a variety of jobs from performance management to resource planning for the restructuring of 10,000 people. I finally settled as an IT Project Manager which I really enjoy. I am currently responsible for overseeing several complex projects, managing multi-million pound budgets. I have experience of holding others to account in terms of quality, planning, budgeting, project delivery and expenditure tracking. Often these projects require me to be involved in setting direction and developing government policies and procedures.

Like the majority of us over the past 14 months, our family has had to juggle working, home schooling and parenting. Aside from spending an embarrassing amount of time on Google relearning what an adjective is, being forced into the role of educator has given me a greater appreciation of the part teachers and schools play in the lives of our children, not just academically but also socially. Coming out of this pandemic, we, as parents, are in the unique position of having a greater understanding of how school equips our children for the world, so I would like to use your insight to ensure that our experiences, both good and bad, are fed back into school decision making and planning going forward. My aim is to make sure that the lines of communications between parents and the school remain open so that we can all have a collective part in making Langley a school we are proud to be a part of.

Governor Attendance

START DATEEXPIRY DATEPotential meetings per yearActual Attendance
Ryan AndersonParentElected13/03/201912/03/202333(S & C) 1 of 1
Richard BiggsParentElected25/04/201630/09/202032(F & A) 1 of 2
Rowenna CampbellLocal AuthorityAppointed14/10/201513/10/202332(S & C) 1 of 1
Chris CoadyCo-optedAppointed05/06/201904/06/202333(S & C) 1 of 1
Caroline CrowthersStaffElected03/01/201702/01/202133(F & A) 2 of 2
Louise DackCo-optedAppointed12/11/201411/11/202232(F & A) 1 of 2
Lisa HeatheringtonParentElected15/02/201714/02/202133(S & C) 1 of 1
Tim JonesHeadteacherAppointed01/01/200033(S & C) 1 of 1
(F & A) 2 of 2
Carrie MarronCo-optedAppointed12/11/201411/11/202232(F & A) 1 of 2
Andrew MeikleCo-optedAppointed07/06/201706/06/202133(S & C) 1 of 1
Bruce ParvinCo-optedAppointed15/02/201714/02/202133(F & A) 2 of 2
Andy PendleburyCo-optedAppointed30/10/201729/10/202133(F & A) 2 of 2
Chris RidingParentElected02/03/202001/03/202422(S & C) 1 of 1

Governor Committees

Staffing & Curriculum

(Quorum 3)

* Staff may be asked to withdraw if the item being discussed is relating to their own pay and conditions or that of any other member of staff in more than general terms.

  • Mr Jones *
  • Mrs C Marron*
  • Mrs L Heatherington
  • Mrs Campbell
  • Mr A Meikle
  • Mr C Coady
  • Mr R Anderson

Finance, Assets (Premises) & Health and Safety

(Quorum 3)

* Staff may be asked to withdraw if the item being discussed is relating to their own pay and conditions or that of any other member of staff in more than general terms.

  • Mr Parvin
  • Mr Jones *
  • Mrs Crowther *
  • Mrs Dack
  • Mr Pendlebury
  • Mrs Marron * (Observer)

Hearings (Quorum dependent on Policy) & Pupil Discipline

(Quorum 3)

3 available governors who have not been involved in the proceedings

Appeals, including Pay Review Appeals

(Quorum 3)

3 available governors who have not been involved in the proceedings

Performance Management

(Quorum 2)

Pay Review

(Quorum 3)

  • Mr B Parvin
  • Mrs L Dack
  • Mr A Meikle
  • Mr Jones (for Pay Review)