Helping in School

Governors and staff welcome parents and helpers into Langley First School.  If you are wishing to volunteer to help in school, please contact your child's class teacher to discuss which days and times are mutually agreeable.
Prior to coming into school please read through the School Visitors Policy and the Visitor information booklet. During the first visit, either the class teacher or a member of the senior leadership team will go though your induction with you.

Guide to Parents

  • If you are travelling to school by car please park in the local area as there is limited parking on site for staff. Where possible please come to school on foot
  • Please make sure you always sign in at Reception and wear your visitors badge at all times
  • Once signed in, please wait in Reception where a member of staff will come and meet you
  • Mobile phones are not to be used in school. They should be turned off when in the school building and kept out of sight.
  • At play times you are welcome to go onto the yard with the children or please feel free to help yourself to refreshments in the Staff Room.
  • Toilets can be found at the top of the middle corridor
  • If helping in a class where your own children are present, please try and spread your time amongst all the children. You will be given direction from the class teacher and support in ensuring that the classroom rules are followed.

We ask that all parents helping in school read and adhere to the following extract from our confidentiality policy;

Confidentiality Policy

When volunteers as parents and friends of the school are working in classes they are asked not to discuss educational matters outside of the classroom, for example the specific use of teaching assistants time for particular pupils or groups of pupils. Teaching assistants have dif-ferent roles within a class, including the support of children with special needs; the provision and work with these children is for the teacher to discuss with the relevant parents or carers.

Parents in school working as volunteers in the office, classrooms or as part of the PTA, will not report cases of poor behaviour or pupil dis-cipline to other parents in the school. This al-lows teachers to deal with such matters in line with school policy and on occasions to allow chil-dren to put the matter right without the direct involvement of their parents.

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