Friday 12th March 2021


Dear parent / carer,

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support with the children’s return to school this week. It has been fantastic to have the school full again and all the noise, excitement, hustle and bustle that brings with it.  Thank you also for supporting the protocols we have in place in line with our site risk assessment. I appreciate the staggered start and end to the day can be a little inconvenient but it is helping to keep everyone safe and distanced. Thank you also for your support with wearing face masks when entering the site.  As the weeks go on and restrictions change we will review these arrangements and inform you in good time of any changes that we will be making.

I must ask parents keep their children with them at all times when picking up and not to let them run or scoot ahead. This way, we know that they are staying within their family bubble.


I have been asked on a number of occasions this week about school uniform. Please just make your best endeavours to have the children in the correct uniform.  We appreciate at the moment things are difficult for many reasons and getting new shoes or uniform is not a priority. All that we ask is that the children wear something that is appropriate if they are not able to wear an item of uniform.

Parents’ Evening

You will have received an email or text link to the parents’ evening consultation booking site. I hope that you found this straight forward to use. Please remember to check through the guidance that was also sent out so you are prepared for the consultations. Please also note that the sessions can only be accessed by one device. Whilst we hope in the future the system will be developed to allow multiple users at present this is not within its capacity.

The booking window will close on Monday 15th March at 9:00am, until this point parents are able to change their appointments if needed.

 School Streets

A huge thank you to those parents who have started to support our School Streets. This system could not run without your support and time.  I must also add a huge thanks to Olly and Dale who have been with us since the start are will be here until Easter. Both have been re-deployed from Waves to support with School Streets.

If you can help please check out the booking form online

Have a good weekend everyone,

Mr. T Jones