Key worker requests

Tuesday 9th June 2020

RE: Key worker access


Dear Parent / Carer,

Since the start of Lockdown we have offered spaces for the children of key workers including across both Easter and May holidays. We are now beginning to welcome back Reception children this week and year 1 children next week. As you will appreciate, the number of children accessing school is therefore increasing and as such, our level of flexibility taking children in has to reduce to ensure we can still remain within ratios and social distancing guidelines.

Moving forward we request that parents who require a space as a key worker must contact school via email a week prior to the required start date. In the first instance parents are to send through a copy of proof of key worker status (this is normally provided by an employer in the form of a letter) and a copy of work ID. Once this is sent through school will respond to confirm if and when a place can be accessed and provide information around drop off and pick up times etc.

If the key worker place is only needed for specific days please make sure this is made clear on the e-mail.

I recognise the increasing pressure there will be on parents to return to work over the coming days and weeks as the country begins to relax lockdown and more industries are able to open back up to full working.  These measure are in place to ensure that we can continue to have the correct staffing ratio in place whilst also maintaining correct social distancing measures.


Kind regards,


Mr. T Jones