Review of current provision

Communication e-mailed to parents on Wednesday 17th June 2020


RE: Review of current provision


Dear Parent / Carer,


As we near the mid-way point of this final term of summer, it is appropriate that the Governing Body and leadership team review the current provision offered by school.  In doing this we have kept to a number of core principles;

  1. Ensure the children can be kept safe
  2. Ensure the staff are kept safe
  3. To meet the guidance to the best of our ability as set out by the Government
  4. To focus on children’s health and wellbeing
  5. To balance learning in school and online presence for those not able to access school

With these guiding principles we have now been able to welcome back 32 Reception children in four groups of 8 and 36 year 1 children in 3 groups of 12.  We also have continued to provide access for key worker children from Nursery, year 2, 3 and 4.

With recent Government changes and the need for parents to return to work, we have unsurprisingly seen an increase in requests for key worker spaces.  We are now, nearing the point where, due to the restrictions of corridor space and toilets, and working hard to ensure that each bubble does not have cross overs, our ability to accept more children is limited.

Therefore, moving forward, Governors have agreed to;

  • Review the demand for key worker spaces in two weeks time and should this demand not be able to be met with current provision, and any alteration to the Government guidance, then consideration will have to be given to reducing the offer for our year 1 children
  • Year 4 children – for the final week of term (Monday 13th July – Friday 17th July) we are removing our offer to year 1 children to allow us to invite each year 4 class to attend school for two days, spending time with their teachers and a chance to end their time at First school
  • Continue to offer year 1 Key worker children places during this week
  • Close the school site completely during the summer holidays due to the extensive roofing works.

Any changes moving forward will be clearly communicated to parents and more information for year 4 children will be shared in the coming week.

Governors and school staff thank you for your continued support in the current times and hope that all our families stay safe and well.


Kind regards,



Mr. T Jones                               Mr. C Coady

Headteacher                              Co-Chair of Governors