Start of Spring term 2021

Monday 4th January 2021


Re: Start of Spring term 2021


Dear parent / carer,

I hope that you and your families have managed to have a restful Christmas period, and that you and your loved ones are all safe and well.

It is clear that we will continue to have some very difficult times ahead and I know that, as a community, we will continue to be able to work through the challenges together.  At the time of writing this communication, it is expected that we will open as planned on Tuesday 5th January. However, it is an ever-changing landscape and should this change, I will communicate with parents to explain what implications there may be.

I would like to remind parents of the protocols that we have in place onsite to ensure that we can make our site and provision as Covid secure as possible;

Wearing of masks

As set out in the Chair of Governors communication prior to the start of the holidays, we request that all parents/adults dropping off or collecting children wear masks and ensure that you social distance while waiting.  We have staggered start times and pick ups to help with the congestion at the start and end of the day; please consider the time that your child(ren) are expected to be at school and arrive accordingly. There is no necessity to be at school earlier than expected. If you have siblings at different times, please also make sure that once the earliest one has entered the site you move away from the entrance to allow others to safely enter.



All children are within a year group bubble, however, where possible we work extremely hard to keep the classes separate. This means that in the event we have a positive case, we can hopefully limit the impact as much as possible. This means the children have lunch separately and also have playtimes in specific areas on the yard with their class. Each year group will have playtimes at the same time.



To ensure that there are not different bubbles mixing in the toilets at the same time, each class has set toilet times across the day. These are in line with their playtimes and lunchtimes to support the movement of children around the school. This is similar to ‘normal’ school life where we could encourage the children to only go to the toilet at playtimes, so that they do not miss learning. Should a child need to go to the toilet outside of these times, then they will be taken by a member of staff to utilise one of the accessible toilets. Staff are on call for this throughout the day.

Hand hygiene/sanitising

Throughout the day the children are constantly encouraged to wash/sanitise their hands; each classroom has a sink where the children are able to wash and dry their hands. Additionally, there is antibacterial hand gel at every entrance and classroom for use when entering. As aforementioned in previous information, children are permitted to bring their own hand gel and/or hand cream into school, but this must have their name marked clearly. It will be kept on their desk or a convenient area, and only they will be allowed to use it. Please note, children will always be encouraged to wash their hands and not just use hand gel.


One-way system

Whilst this may not be perfect, this is in place to support the flow of traffic through the site at the end of the school day. Please ensure that you continue to enter the site through the gate off Elmfield, and exit from the gate onto Drumoyne Gardens.


Communication with staff

I appreciate that not being able to speak face to face with staff can be very difficult, however, this is for the safety of both parents and staff. Please call or email the school office where your message will be passed on to the member of staff.


As we enter a new year which brings new hope and optimism for the end of the current difficulties we all face, I thank you for all your support last year and look forward to welcoming the children back and getting on with what we do best.


Mr. T Jones